Hanging Planter - Red

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This planter is approximately 4 inches across and 3 inches deep. Note that the diameter measurement is taken from the inside (or usable space) of the pot. It is glazed in red up to the twine holes. The lip and the interior of the pot is bare clay. This creates an interesting visual contrast between the smooth gloss of the glaze and the natural texture of the clay. Please keep in mind that each piece is made by hand; therefore, variations do occur. The images shown represent a typical planter of this style, not the exact one that you will receive.

The twine for hanging is included. A simple knot has been made, which is perfect for hanging as is, but also allows for untying and re-tying to whatever length is desired. This way, the planter can be altered to fit the space that is available. Also, remember that, as a natural fiber, water can adversely affect it, so please keep the soil level below the twine so that it stays dry. As with any planter without a drainage hole, place a a few pebbles or some gravel in the planter prior to adding your greenery. This will keep the roots up out of any residual water, and help to keep your plant healthy.

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