Bird House - Starlight Lodge


This birdhouse has been handmade using the finest natural "rot-proof" materials, including copper, mahogany, cypress, and western red cedar.

  • Precisely cut kiln-dried cypress is used for the walls which helps keep the 3 coats of exterior paint from cracking or chipping. Cypress is impervious to insects and will never rot.
  • Western red cedar shingles are cut 1/4 inch thick. These heavy-cut shingles will not curl or chip and are enhanced with copper roof borders. They serve as a solid helmet, shielding the underlying unit for generations of beauty in your yard.
  • This birdhouse has 4 separate nesting chambers equipped with copper portals surrounding each opening preventing any animal from chipping or pecking around the holes.

Your bird friends will love this oasis!

Dimensions:15 inches wide by 28 inches tall

Handmade in America

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