Bird Feeder - Starlight Bistro


This bird feeder has been handmade using the finest natural "rot-proof" materials, including mahogany, cypress, and western red cedar.

  • The mahogany has been hand routed for all perches, displaying an elegant grain pattern and will withstand years of sun and humidity.
  • Precisely cut kiln-dried cypress is used for the walls which helps keep the 3 coats of exterior paint from cracking or chipping. Cypress is impervious to insects and will never rot.
  • Western red cedar shingles are cut 1/4 inch thick. These heavy-cut shingles will not curl or chip and are enhanced with copper roof borders. They serve as a solid helmet, shielding the underlying unit for generations of beauty in your yard.

The bird feeder comes with a convenient replaceable seed tray. Every few months simply remove the tray by bending it and pulling out, replacing it with a new tray. The tray is a standard plant tray, available at any garden center or big box depot.

Your bird friends will love this oasis!

Bird feeder simply rests over the top of any standard 4X4 post with no requirement for attachment. Post not included.

12"W x 22"H

Handmade in America

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